Drivers waste fuel by filling their boot with junk


A recent research shows that clutter in the car boot can significantly increase fuel usage. The research also included a survey which involved UK drivers. According to the results, 22% of UK drivers admit that they use their car boot as a permanent storage space and rarely clean it. 10% of those drivers admit that they have never actually thought about cleaning their car boot. The extra weight in the car’s back causes the car to use more fuel.

The research carried out YouGov shows that 32% of drivers keep over 5 items in their car’s luggage space. Five of the most popular items that drivers store in their car boot are: Tools, outdoor clothing and Wellington boots, sports equipment, baby equipment and extra pairs of shoes.

Almost 75% of the drivers admitted that they are ready to clean their car boot and keep it free of clutter if this will reduce their fuel bill. The YouGov research was ordered by Shell which recently launched a fuel-saving campaign that familiarizes drivers around the world with easy methods to save fuel. The campaign named Target One Million features a range of services and mini-games that help drivers reduce fuel costs.

Quentin Willson of Shell’s FuelSave department stated: “We weren’t expecting such results from the research. It is surprising how many drivers use their car boots as permanent storage and don’t know that they waste their money by doing this.

Hopefully, our campaign will teach drivers new and interesting ways to improve their car’s efficiency and reduce fuel costs. The interactive mini-games on our website are simply and easy and provide a range of advice on how to improve your vehicle’s efficiency.”

The first mini-game is already available at Participants in the game also have a chance to win a brand new iPad 3. Shell will release even more games and prizes over the next several months.