DJ Jo Whiley takes a ride in the Chevrolet Volt


The Chevrolet Volt is the newest electric car to hit the streets, and Chevrolet is spreading the word about it, and the sustainability of green cars in general, by hosting a series of web videos in which they talk to green innovators that are leaders in the cause.

One of the first people that they choose to launch their series with is Wayne Hemmingway, who is a leader in green technology for cars and building materials. During the short two minute ride, Hemmingway heads out for a ride with Radio DJ Jo Whiley to talk about the future of green cars and how creative people make it happen.

According to Hemmingway, creative people respect what nature has to offer them, and it is only natural for creative people to look at problems such as carbon emissions and find a way to offer a solution. In the talk between Whiley and Hemmingway it is ascertained that this is how the electric cars moved from something straight out of a science fiction magazine, and into reality.  The duo talks about how far e-cars have come until now when they look like regular cars and the differences are impossible to see.

This is easily shown in the videos because viewers watch the pair ride the streets in the Volt with remarkable ease and plenty of room. People have a misconception that electric cars are all small and look more like clown cars than normal vehicles, but the truth is that if you take one look at the Volt there are cars out there on the market that look great and offer the same perks. With electric cars that can easily glide the streets without fuel, there is now no reason not to take a second look at what technology has to offer.