Details of New BMW M3 Emerge



Article by Carl Fenchurch who is a blogger for business contract hire specialists Contract Hire a Car.

The new BMW M3 is due for release in Summer 2014, but the buzz is already building around the latest iteration of BMW’s popular high-performance series. Speaking to, a company insider said the new M3 “will take the brand’s most popular and famous performance model to new heights with the latest body and engine technologies.” The new model will weigh around 100kg less and have more power, promising improved speed and acceleration.

BMW has used as many lightweight materials as possible to make this weight reduction possible, including a carbon fibre roof, boot-lid and bonnet.

Open the bonnet and you’ll find a brand new 6-cylinder, 3 litre twin-turbo engine – smaller than the 4 litre V8 in the existing version, but delivering around 30bhp more power as well as increased torque.

BMW are claiming that the new M3 will do 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds or less (at least a 30% improvement on the current model), with a top speed of 180mph on derestricted versions (limited to 155mph on the standard model).

But anyone who’s owned a BMW M3 or M5 will know, there’s a lot more to these cars that straightforward speed and power. They have to be fun and rewarding to drive, and with improved agility and traction on the 2014 model, it looks like the M3 won’t disappoint.

For those who like to tinker, there are plenty of customisation options, such as modifying the weight of the steering and the responsiveness of the throttle, and changing the gear shift speed on the automatic version.

As well as overhauling the M3’s inner workings, BMW are also making some aesthetic changes, giving the new model a rather more youthful, urban flavour. That means lowering the suspension, redesigning the front bumper, and making numerous other visual tweaks. And the M3’s sonic credentials haven’t been overlooked – BMW are still working on getting the engine acoustics just right.

It’s rumoured that the public will get their first chance to look at the new M3 at the LA Motor Show, which takes place from 22nd November to 1st December 2013. The car is due to go on sale in the UK in summer 2014, costing roughly £55,000.