Choosing the right kind of insurance


If you should the wrong kind of insurance you could well end up hundreds of pounds out of pocket and if you are a young driver, or one who drives infrequently, then your best best may be to have a look at the ‘pay as you drive’ policies that are readily available now.

The insurers that offer pay as you drive fit a device to your car which monitors how far you drive, you then pay a set monthly fee plus a certain amount per mile, so you are in control. You will pay a bit more for driving at peaks time and at rush hour, so if you are a young driver willing to forego driving at night then it may well be the cheapest way of insuring yourself, likewise for infrequent drivers.

If you are considering taking out a comprehensive policy then look very carefully at the small print. The best policies of this kind will provide courtesy cars that are of a like for like standard and size to your own while yours in being repaired, whereas others may only offer those classed as Category A- smaller, hatchback types with manual gears. These are no use whatsoever for families or those who can only drive automatics.

Another thing to look for in to ensure that your comprehensive policy includes legal assistance so you can recover any losses if there is a dispute or if you are unfortunate enough to have a run in with an uninsured driver. Look for a cover of around £100,000, which is the standard level that the best policies offer, and also look our for extra benefits such as being able to drive anyone elses car, lifetime guarantees on repairs and breakdown cover.

If you have an older card that isn’t worth that much, you can also make savings by opting for a third party fire and theft policy instead of fully comprehensive and you can also make savings by increasing the excess you will pay in the event of a claim.