Cheshire launches new road awareness initiative for the over 55’s


A new initiative is being launched in Cheshire which is going to provide road awareness to people who are over 55. The day is going to provide information to both drives and pedestrians and is going to have a focus on sustainable as well as safe travel.

There are two events that are going to be held, one occurring in Winsford and one in Ellesmere Port. They are part of the cross agency initiative which is involving the police as well as the fire service. There are going to be presentations at the event about improving safety on the road.

It is not just going to be all talk however, and there are going to be experts on site to check the health of the people. This will include a free blood pressure test as well as an eyesight check. Professional agencies involved with the project include Age UK and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Lynn Riley is a councillor in the local area and she has commented, “We’ve designed the sessions for people who feel they need to brush up their driving skills. There is going to be a focus on in car safety and giving tips to people about how to drive safely in the winter.

It is also going to inform people about how to drive in a more economical way. This is not just something for motorists, and it is something that should be able to benefit pedestrians as well. All residents from the local area are welcome to attend this event and there is no charge for it.”

The first event is being held on 23 March, with the second being held a week later. There will also be the opportunity for people at the event to book a driving assessment for a discounted price.