Car insurance is at the front of motoring concerns


According to the motoring website the most important matter on the mind’s of drivers was car insurance, during the fourth quarter of last year from a survey on the site where visitors were asked as vehicle motorists and buyers, what were their major issues with the second most important being cheaper and smaller cars with tyres and wheels in third. And because of the incredible amounts of snowfall at the end of the year, winter tyre concerns was the fourth most important issues on motorists minds.

The interaction we have with motorists, says Daniel Harrison, editor of because we are the only motoring website tracking concerns gives us a unique why to see the issues of most concern to users and buyers of motorcars.

The one question asked the most in about motoring costs and this is not surprising for the times and these concerns were borne from the wider economic issues of the day and other issues that were on motorists minds at the end of 2010 included fuel economy, small family cars, dealers, warranties and snow.