Car accidents, what happens when the other driver is uninsured?


If you have a car accident it’s essential that you immediately take the following steps:

Take details – ensure that you make note of the other person’s make and model of car and their registration number.

Name and addresses – next, take note of the other driver’s name and address. It’s likely that you may be supplied with false details here due to the fact that they’re not insured, but it’s important that you request to see their driver’s license which should display their home address and contact details.

Evidence – if you have a phone camera, take an image of the damage caused and make a note in writing of what has happened including damage to both cars and the location of the incident, which includes whether it was at a T-junction, roundabout etc. as well as the town and name of the road.

Circumstances – It’s worth noting the condition the road that day, i.e. whether there was heavy rain, sleet or snow. You basically want to include as much information as you can.

Witnesses – if you’re fortunate enough for there to be passers-by or motorists who agree to act as independent witnesses then it’s important you also take down their contact details.

Accident report – Should the police be involved or at the scene of the incident, then it’s important that you request an accident report.

However, unfortunately, it’s estimated that 1 in 20 motorists are on the road without adequate car insurance, so if you have an accident with any other vehicle this could have serious repercussions.

If the other car is uninsured and you’ve taken out comprehensive car insurance cover, you will be able to make a claim and your insurer should be willing to pay for any repairs, but this means you will pay an excess and it’s likely you’ll lose part of the no claims discount you have worked to build up.

If you only have third-party cover it’s not good news. This will mean that your insurer won’t pay for your repairs and since the other drier is not covered you won’t receive any money from them unless you’re able to trace them down and take action against them in a small claims court. The disadvantage here is that even if the defender loses their case, there’s no guarantee that they’ll pay you, as they could be on benefits or out of work. Statistics show that a higher proportion of uninsured drivers are in this predicament.

If you’re really finding no luck after being involved in an accident, a car accident lawyer is of great use. Determining liability following a car accident is usually straightforward. However, in some situations it’s not the case and this is where a lawyer specialising in car accidents can help you to receive the maximum amount of compensation that you’re entitled to.