British drivers abroad largely unaware of foreign highway codes


Over forty percent of British holidaymakers are not aware of the highway code of the countries in which they will be travelling, according to a Foreign and Commonwealth Office survey.

The survey was carried out to reveal the number of people that know the driving regulations in the country they plan to travel in. With the association of, the study further revealed that Brits were likely to commit road violations in foreign countries. These violations included, but were not limited to, speeding, parking offences, and non-compliance with documents that drivers require.

A related result of the survey that came as a surprise was that a small thirty-four percent of foreign country drivers were concerned with road travel safety, while the rest were more concerned with the cost of car rental. Furthermore, fifty-one percent of the people surveyed were not aware if they required an International Driving Permit when travelling to a foreign country.

The survey further reveals that twelve per cent British tourists had trouble when driving abroad, five per cent had been victims of crimes related to motor vehicles, and forty five percent answered “no” when asked if carrying two breathalysers in France was a legal requirement.

Fifty-five percent also responded an incorrect “no” when inquired about carrying a separate pair of glasses while driving in Spain, when it is a legal requirement when driving in the country. A Road Safety Tool to advise British holidaymakers in proper driving laws and etiquette was issued by the FCO, which included important things to prepare for drivers that plan to hire or drive their own vehicles in foreign countries.

Lynda St Cooke, a representative of the FCO’s “Know Before You Go” campaign, advised that familiarisation of laws and customs pertinent to driving in foreign countries will help holidaymakers with being more prepared for their trip.