Better driving and fuel economy


With the costs of operating vehicles in the UK on the increase, between rising insurance and petrol prices, many motorists are looking for any possible measures they can take to help them save driving expenses.

Driving habits are one of the ways you can save on fuel.  By driving conservatively, you not only burn less fuel, but avoid accidents and benefit the environment as well.  Better fuel mileage can be achieved by doing what you can to lower the weight of your car, such as removing roof racks.

There are also some interesting insurance choices that can be made like Insurethebox, which has an insurer who fits your auto with a satellite device that monitors your driving practices and charges your rates based upon safety performance.  There are also similar companies like i-kube and Coverbox.  These systems can also track your car in case it is stolen.

If you avoid fast acceleration and sharp breaking, you can save as much as 30 per cent in fuel consumption.  Sparse use of air-conditioning is also a cost cutting method.  Slowing down is another good idea.  For instance, you use 15 per cent less petrol at 50 MPH than at 60 MPH.

Since January, auto insurers have been putting cars in more than 50 different rate groups depending on things as diverse as the cost of repair.  The more common and easier to fix your car may be, the less you might pay to insure it.

The best method to saving on insurance costs is to compare providers.  Those motorists who take a good deal of time to research and compare insurers are always, undoubtedly, the drivers who wind up with the best deals.