Affluent area of Greater Manchester has the worst drivers according to the DVLA


According to the figures in DVLA, drivers who live in one of the postcodes where the rich and poweful live in the Greater Manchester form some of the worst drivers throughout the country. For instance, one out of every seven motorists bearing the M50 postal address, which is the area around Salford Quays and MediaCityUK has received several penalty points for various driving offences.

Out of the two hundred and two drivers of 1500 drivers who had incurred them, 12 had incurred nine or more- the 7th highest in Britain. The Brake, the road safety charity noted that something has to be done including slapping harsher penalties to those who break road safety rules repeatedly.

John Burns, who is the spokesperson at Brakes noted that drivers who break traffic laws repeatedly have shown little to no regard to the safety of other road users. He added that the laws need to be tightened to stop the selfish drivers who are potentially deadly from continuing with their illegal activity that involves risking other people’s lives in case of crashes.

He added that the organisation is pushing for harsher penalties for these drivers to stop the madness caused by repeat offenders. Something also needs to be done on traffic policing. People earn these points due to speeding, drunken driving, dangerous driving and running red lights. You also get these points when driving a vehicle with worn tyres or faulty brakes.

Minor endorsements will be active for up to four years. On the other hand, points earned for serious offenses will be active for up to eleven years. If you get up to 12 points within a three-year period, you risk having your license banned.

Police have always emphasised the importance of extra care for anyone driving while ensuring that they drive roadworthy vehicles. According to inspector John Armfield from the serious collision investigation unit in GMP, motorists should pay extra care and attention whenever using cars and maintaining cars. When this is done, you protect yourself, pedestrians and other motorists.

It wasn’t until 2001 when the M50 area code was created. Previously, it was under M5 with Ordsall, Weaste, Pendleton, Seedley and university of Salford. The average household income for residents in this area is £63,700, which is the sixth highest all over UK based on CACI data on the nation’s wealth. However, this area never featured in the top 10 when the company did the research lastly in 2006. The relocation of BBC to this area is one of the reasons behind the sudden jump in average household income.