A transit van is the perfect solution


If you own your own business you might be looking into ways to haul goods or transport items that you need to provide your services. If you are, then you should look no further than Ford transit vans. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to use Ford transit vans and commercial vehicles for their small and medium businesses. The following are just a few, starting with the fact that they are cost effective and large enough to haul most items. If you need any more convincing then keep reading because there are dozens of benefits to choosing Ford.

One of the first reasons that small businesses love using Ford transit vans is the fact that they offer great hauling room but still provide the comfort and economy features of a car. For those that are not skilled at driving a large truck, the transit van is the perfect solution. You can purchase it in several different models that includes seating for two to five passengers.  In addition, there are rear side doors, and back doors that swing outwards. The vehicle itself is front wheel drive with a four speed transmission and complete manoeuvrability so that navigating the city is not an issue.

Another reason to choose this particular van as a commercial vehicle is its shape. At first glance the transit van will stand out a bit due to the fact that it appears a bit short and odd next to other vans that are travelling down the road. However, this actually works to your advantage because the design is purposely streamlined for use as a commercial vehicle. The engine is transversely mounted to save room so that there is hardly any overhang on the back or front of the van. The short hood and large windows make it easier to see and the tall roof allows more items to fit inside.

Other features built in to make it easier to drive the Ford transit van is a curve to the front doors that dip down when they reach the mirrors so that you can see further. The side mirrors are appropriately large to help eliminate most of the blind spot for the driver while they are navigating and the high ceiling also means great headroom. The seats also offer a reasonable amount of leg room so that you can sit comfortably even if you have drive for hours to transport items and goods.

Finally, you can easily add and customise options to make the transit van you purchase perfect for your own business needs. For instance, you can choose to have the Ford Work Solutions in-dash computer built into your model or simply opt for the in dash GPS system. Other great options include air conditioning with several modes, power cruise control, power locks, and more. It is a very cost effective transport since it does not require a large amount of fuel to power up the van and the miles per gallon is reasonable so long as the load is not extremely heavy.