A Review of the Mercedes A Class – Common Faults and Repair Costs


In 1997 Mercedes-Benz decided to give the mini MPV market a go, introducing their A class line of passenger vehicles aimed at small families. It was a completely different venture in many ways from their norm, including embracing the concept of front wheel drive, but a venture which has been largely successful despite some early setbacks. The first generation of the A class was the A140, a five door hatchback that was very utilitarian. The A160 followed with a slightly larger engine and a significant facelift. More technological and aesthetic improvements were added to the A170 and A200 at the turn-of-the-century, followed by today’s most popular model, the A210 Evolution.

By and large the A class line is generally well received among the buying public. The line has enjoyed fairly consistent sales in line with other vehicles of the same class. What many users enjoy most about these vehicles is their mechanical dependability. However, that’s not to say they are without their problems. They aren’t.

One of the most common problems comes by way of the steering rack. Especially in models built prior to 2005 one of the bearings in the system is prone to failure. You’ll know it if you hear a clunking noise when you turn your steering wheel to the right. In the rear the suspension, rear wheel bearings, and a trailing arms all have a tendency to wear out with regularity. Thankfully, repairs are pretty inexpensive.

In the engine compartment you may have to worry about the air mass sensor which is part of what is called a monolith. This part is a gamble; some people will never have to replace it while others will have the car in the garage after just a couple of years.

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