87 year old driver released after death of scooter rider


Raymond Hampshire, aged 87, had cataracts in both eyes and should not have been driving when he hit a scoter tossing Fiona Buckley, aged 43, with spina bifida to the ground.

Buckley would have appeared invisible to him due to the fact that his sight was so foggy according to testimony given in the Sheffield Crown Court.  She broke her pelvis, leg, and spine and suffered a major head injury.  Six weeks after the accident she died in the hospital from multi-organ failure.

Hampshire admitted that he caused her death on December 6, 2008, but Judge Robert Moore in the Court offered the ex-soldier an absolute discharge due to the fact that the victim should not have been riding along the road after dark on a dark coloured scooter.

Buckley’s aunt, Audrey Heeley, aged 74, spoke for the family and stated that they were disappointed in the verdict because it was overlooked that the judge did not account for the fact that she had only steered onto the road for a brief period of time so that she could back up onto the pavement.

After the accident the DVLA revoked Hampshire’s driving licence because of his medical problems.

On the night of the accident, Buckley was riding along the roadway with her carer, Kay Pilley, in the same direction as the approaching traffic.  Hampshire stated that travelling at about 20mph uphill and had just left a series of traffic lights.  He said that he never saw the two women and only knew what happened when he heard the bang.