7AM Enfant launches new NIDO car-seat baby wrap

Nido Baby Wrap
Nido Baby Wrap

Thanks to The Car Seat Lady, a US based car seat safety advocate, there has recently been an increased awareness in the US around car seat safety and the dangers of babies and children wearing bulky coats and layers in their car seat. We are now aiming to spread this message over here in the UK!




Why is it important to think carefully about what a child is wearing when in transit?

1) The average puffy coat adds about 4 inches of slack between the child and the harness straps. In a collision, the coat becomes compressed and could allow the child to be flung forward or even ejected from the seat entirely.

2) Thick clothing can make it easier for the child to slip out of the harness straps.

3) When the car gets warm, it is easy for the child to overheat.

The Car Seat Lady has collaborated with popular children’s gear designer, 7 A.M. Enfant and together they have been instrumental in teaching parents about the importance of finding safe alternatives to bulky clothing in car seats.




The newly launched NIDO car-seat baby wrap is a long-awaited step for parents who struggle with wanting more than a hat and blanket on their child while in their car seat.

The NIDO is designed to go over the child when they are strapped in correctly to their seat, keeping them warm and cozy while replacing the need for a winter coat. The clever design features a unique and innovative back oval cutout – eliminating extra layers between the car seat and the baby’s back, while allowing full access to the five-point harness.

Watch the video below to see the NIDO in action



They have also launched the Car Seat Cocoon; a car seat cover that can be placed safely over the car seat itself with a little hole for the baby’s face to peek through. The Cocoon slips simply over the car seat with an elasticated rim. It is warm, cozy and water resistant.

All the other items in the 7am Enfant collection that are compatible with car seats, such as their best selling Blanket212 Evolution and Sac Igloo also have removable velcro back panels so that they can safely be used in the car.