2011 Ford Explorer with increased MPG


Ford put new life into the SUV market and not a moment too soon. Customers are shopping around for a more economical family transporter instead of opting for the old fashioned gas-guzzling family SUV.

Ford, like many other car manufacturers, are aiming to reduce the carbon footprint left by the outdated SUV models, but unlike the other motor companies, Ford have promised to stay true to their old SUV roots.

The new Explorer is set to offer better MPG and more room in the seven-seater than its older counterparts, however it will have less towing capacity and a lesser off-road ability.

Many say it’s very different from the older SUV models and closer to a remodel of the Ford Taurus sedan, but with whispers in the wind of promises to deliver an Explorer capable of almost 30 MPG highway driving, customers may still be swayed into buying the new Ford Explorer as their new family SUV.