Why motorists should consider having their old vehicle recycled professionally


2There comes a time for any motorist when their vehicle becomes too old and expensive to repair. Older vehicles are the least environmentally friendly as they release the most potential toxins into the wider environment.

Instead of selling your car on to another motorist for a small fee why not consider recycling the vehicle professionally?

There is a growing industry of vehicle recyclers that boast the experience and know-how to deal with end-of-life vehicles, salvage vehicles and inefficient vehicles for recycling.

The End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive was introduced by the Environment Agency in a bid to ensure the amount of waste and pollution created from vehicle recycling is at a manageable level.

Nowadays, vehicles aren’t just recycled for scrap metal. Used car parts is an equally expanding marketplace for motorists seeking recycled and refurbished replacement vehicle parts that are a fraction of the cost of a brand new part from a dealership or franchise.

These parts are regularly cleaned, tested and guaranteed by the experts and made available to purchase for motorists. Those that know their way beneath a car bonnet may be able to fit the replacement part themselves – or you can simply take the used car part to a garage and get them to fit it for you.

In the UK alone two million end-of-life vehicles are processed for recycling. The most modern vehicle dismantling facilities will have de-pollution rigs set up specifically to remove and store toxins such as fuel, oils and brake fluids that are left in vehicles that are simply scrapped.

Instead of simply throwing the shell of a vehicle onto the scrapheap there are professionals out there now that carefully remove potentially harmful toxins as well as retrieve useful second hand parts that can be used again.

More beneficially, vehicle owners can still make some money from vehicle recyclers to put towards a more efficient replacement. So not only are you doing your bit for the environment but you are being financially rewarded for doing so.

Next time you think about scrapping your car to get rid of your vehicle in a quick and hassle-free manner be sure to consider state-of-the-art vehicle depollution firms that will buy your car to prepare for scrapping and recycling, in accordance with the European ELV Directive.

Author bio

‘Why motorists should consider having their old vehicle recycled professionally’ was written by ASM Auto Recycling, one of the UK’s most experienced parts recyclers and vehicle salvage agents. ASM boasts a growing used car parts market of its own with over 250,000 recycled car parts each with a 90-day guarantee for initial peace of mind.