Top Gear Stig imposter on our motorways


Forget global warming and the worlds financial meltdown, a far more serious situation has come to light, a fake Stig driving around on our nations highways.

An innocent driver named Martin was thrilled when he thought he saw the BBC Top Gear’s, The Stig driving down the M55 as Martin returned home from Blackpool with his wife.

Sure he had seen The Stig, he followed the driver for an additional thirty minutes into the Forton Service Station near Lancaster off the M6 and then asked for a photo with the driver. However, the BBC announced that the mysterious Stig was in fact an imposter and is looking into what occurred.

Martin stated that he had become quite excited as he was just driving along and while on the motorway you never expect to see someone famous.

A spokeswoman for the BBC stated that an enquiry has been launched into the imposter that is pretending to be the Stig and noted that the next Top Gear live tour will not be on the air until November.