Rediscover the joy of driving with the Bridgestone Adrenalin RE002 tyre


If you have lost your love of driving, it could be something as simple as changing to tyres to bring back that lust for speed and precision. Driving with the right tyres is fun, exciting and exhilarating as they give you unbelievable levels of control, stability and control. If you have lost your passion for driving then it could be time to rediscover it, which is easily done if you change to the Bridgestone Adrenalin RE002 tyres.

With Adrenalin tyres, available from Tyre-Shopper on your wheels you once again become the master of your vehicle. They offer outstanding stability when on the straight coupled with a fluent steering response that reaps spectacular results. This tyre is unique with its asymmetric design and the advanced construction involved ensures that the contact patch has been enlarged. This in turn gives you absolute precision when it comes to accelerating, braking and steering.

The outstanding front and rear load balance gives you rear tracking that is so predictable you can really push the boundaries when it comes to cornering and manoeuvring. In a nutshell, the Bridgestone Adrenalin RE002 tyres tick all the boxes when it comes to a precision performance within the realms of pure pleasure when behind the wheel.

The best way to see this for yourself, of course, is to see the tyres in action. A video is available to view here which shows off the Adrenalin tyres at their best and lets you see exactly what they are capable of.  Filmed at Spain’s Ascari Resort, we see the Adrenalin tyres put through their paces with online bloggers strapped into the passenger seat with a laptop. Their reactions range from terrified to utter exhilaration as they endure 5 minutes of a professional driver pushing these tyres to their limits, which certainly takes some doing considering the capabilities of these tyres.

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