Meeting your trailer needs


2Once you have chosen the trailer that suits your needs you then need to ensure you purchase a tow bar which is fitted to your vehicle to allow the attachment of the trailer successfully.

There are many different types and sizes of Tow Bars to choose from including detachable and standard. It is important that you ensure that the correct tow bar has been chosen to prevent damage to your vehicle and trailer.

Tow bars are not only great for attaching trailers they can also carry bicycles, just fit an attachment for a cycle carrier.

All tow bars brought from Indespension have a lifetime guarantee and the wiring and components have a 12 month guarantee.

Once you have chosen your trailer and the tow bar to match you will then need to consider the spare parts for trailers available. There are a wide range of accessories to suit each individual need; here are just a few of the many available:

  • Lights-includes front, back and side lights, fog lights, reverse lights, lighting boards, lights for number plate
  • Reflectors-available in a range of size, shapes and colours. Self adhesive or screw in
  • Jockey wheels-these keep your trailer stabilised when it is stationary and not attached to your vehicle. It allows manoeuvrability and a variety of designs are available to suit all trailer types.
  • Wheel clamps-lock the wheel in position so it cannot turn and therefore prevents theft
  • Security locks-many designs available including; ball socket locks, eye locks, insert locks, padlocks and shroud locks
  • Prop stands-used for steadying the trailer whilst you load/unload
  • Winding jacks-allow you to raise the trailer when needed e.g. for a wheel change or greasing of suspension parts
  • Winches-includes manual single or two speed, work winches and winch straps. Allows you to load your trailer with heavy objects including vehicles.
  • Spare wheels, tyres and mud guards-to replace worn down parts without the need of having to replace the whole trailer

As with all trailer accessories they are designed for certain trailer types and sizes, therefore it is important that you make sure you buy the correct parts for your model of trailer. At Indespension expert advice is always on hand to advise you on the best products suited for your needs and your budget.

There are 25 stores across the UK and I found my local Indespension in Bolton by using the store locator on the website.