Lewis Hamilton Races Past Thierry Henry in Reebok ZigTech


Reebok ZigTech“I’m getting old. The guy was fast, very agile.” Said Thierry Henry after being out run by Forumla One driver Lewis Hamilton at the US launch of Reebok’s ZigTech footwear.

It’s only recently that the world has come to realise just how hard racing drives, especially Formula One drivers have to train for their sport.

Jenson Button’s Triathlons have helped to dispel the myth that drivers simply get into a car and drive while Lewis Hamilton’s sponsorship by Reebok looks set to take training sessions to a new level with ZigTech.

Once the duo had cleared the zig-zagging obstacle course and the cheering crowd quietened down, Reebok explained the technology behind their new ZigTech footwear.

The concept of Reebok ZigTech trainers is inspired by the energy transfer of a slinky. So when running, the power generated from the impact of the heel strike ripples along the zigs of the unique ZigTech sole, chanelling energy throughout the step and propelling the athlete forward at toe-off. The end result is a shoe that provides superior cushioning and energy return to enhance training sessions by allowing the wearer to run further and faster for longer with less fatigue.

“You look at them and think, wow, they’re realy different,” said Lewis, “but they feel great to run in and put an extra spring in your step.”

Reebok is marketing their ZigTech footwear as an ‘energy drink for your feet’ because the unique sole not only propels you forward but also reduces wear and tear by up to 20% on key leg muscles.

The combination of energy return and cushioning reduces the impact and strain on the glutes, shins and hamstrings. So by taking the heavy impact out of running, the leg muscles won’t get as tired and can be exercised in the action of running, which is more rewarding to the athlete instead of absorbing foot impact.

Lewis Hamilton is set to be the poster boy for the UK’s ReeZig Reebok ZigTech marketing campaign. But whether ZigTech trainers will become an efficient athlete’s training aid or a popular teenagers lifestyle trainer remains to be seen.