Ford Active City Stop saves the day


Ford Active City Stop saves the day

You don't have to be a petrol-head to know that Ford are one of the most well respected global brands. They have built themselves a reputation they are rightly proud on based on 4 pillars of technology; safe, smart, green and quality. Their vehicles have all been designed in such a way that you have a driving experience enhanced beyond your wildest dreams, yet there is no compromise at all to the comfort and safety.

They have released a great series of videos, available to view at, that highlight various features in their cars which have embraced new technology to create something very special. You may have already seen the video for the ingenious Active Park Assist, and now its time to take a trip back to the Ford website and see the latest offering, demonstrating just how clever their Active City Stop.

Someone cutting in front of you, or slamming on their brakes, is a nightmare for everyone who regularly drives through city's, and how many have either seen or been involved in a trail of slow moving traffic when someone applies the brakes and the cars behind all bang into the back of the car in front as they simply didn't have time to react and apply there own brakes. These incidents should now be a thing of the past thanks to Active City Stop.

There is a video that shows this feature at work that will get the point across better than words can. Several Ford Focus' are tootling along a road in a line at low speed to demonstrate city driving.

A truck pulls out and the first car hits the brakes, all the ones behind have Active City Stop which detects the car in front has stopped and the brakes are applied automatically one after the other with a domino effect. The space between the cars in small but its there, and that's all that matters.

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