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This month, in support of the annual Movember event, which will see everyone for teens to pensioners sprouting facial hair for a good cause, tyre giant Bridgestone have launched their own campaign called Bridgestone Bros.

This takes the form of a documentary of a sometimes hair raising road trip in search of the biggest and bushiest and most brilliant moustaches across Europe. It is also to encourage people right across the continent to become involved and at the same time raise both awareness and money for men’s health.

The brilliant campaign is centred around an epic European road trip by two Bridgestone Bros. This dynamic duo will make the trip in a vintage Volkswagen camper van that is suitably attired in a giant moustache. Starting from London’s Handlebar Club they will make their way to Stuttgart’s World Beard and Moustache Championships, stopping off at other moustache clubs in Berlin, Antwerp and Strasbourg en route.

Five episodes make up the documentary and one is being posted every week of Movember on the Bridgestone platform at and various other social media platforms. PR and social media activity will play a huge part in driving the public to the website and also the social channels where the brand will be sharing stacks of content, all moustache related of course, and encourage everyone to join in and take part in this fun campaign for a really good cause.

The website also has some great new software for you to play with known as moustache recognition, which allows you to scan your face and if it detects hairs on your top lip, exclusive content will be revealed which is only available to those with a caterpillar on their upper lip.

Campaign packs have been specially created which contain pocket size cards full of information as well as a map of the route the road trip will follow, along with postcards, branded razors and motivational posters. These will be distributed to both Bridgestone offices and dealerships in order to encourage both employees and customers to join the Bridgestone Movember incentive.

Movember is now an annual event that is internationally recognised and is the reason so many hairy men are currently moustachioed. It is one of the easiest of all the health campaigns to take part in as all you have to do is put your razor away for 30 days. Prostate and testicular cancers are exclusively male cancers and the money raised by Movember goes into much needed research into these diseases.

The Bridgestone Bros campaign is a unique and brilliant way of raising further awareness right across Europe. Take a trip to and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. This is the way that health campaigns should be run to make people sit up and take notice and want to participate. Inventiveness and fun make a heady combination, and when the two join forces to create awareness for a killer disease, you really cannot go wrong.

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