5 questions to ask yourself before you sell your car


2Started thinking, ‘It’s definitely time to sell my car’? Whether you’re going through a life change that means your old car’s no longer fit for purpose or you’re simply bored with your current model, upgrading’s an exciting business, but it pays (literally) to make sure that you go the right way about getting rid of your old car.

Here are the main questions you should bear in mind to make sure you get a fair deal.

What’s my car worth?

Make sure you’ve got a good idea of the amount of money you’ll get by having a good scout around online.  It’s not just the model, age and condition of your car that will affect the price – the state of the car buying market as a whole and the general economic conditions are just as important.

Remember that new cars lose as much as 40% of their value within the first year alone, so be realistic about your expected return.

Is all my paperwork sorted?

To sell your car, you’ll need your servicing schedule information, MOT certificate and V5C registration document. Got receipts for any other work you’ve had carried out on your car? They’re worth holding on to as well so you can prove that your car’s in really good working order.

Is my car in the best possible condition?

Obviously, a buyer’s main concern is going to be that your car’s running right, but the little things can make a big difference… Is your car clean, inside and out? Are the tyres fully inflated? Have you cleaned out the glove compartment properly? Do whatever you can to spruce up your car in advance.

How should I sell it?

The thought of handling the sale yourself might be tempting, but think carefully before you plump for a private sale. Are you really prepared to have the hassle of endless phone calls, time-wasters, taking potential buyers out for test drives and running the risk of fraudsters taking advantage of your good nature?  Part exchange is the other option.  By selling this way you’re combining two transactions into one and this reduces the transparency around what your car is really worth.  If you’re not too bothered about receiving the maximum value for your car this may be the way for you.  A different way is with online car buyers like The Car Buying Service.  It’s an alternative way to sell your car, designed to give you a competitive price with a process that’s open, honest and transparent every step of the way.  They’ve even got an online valuation tool so you can instantly find out the value of your car for free.  When you come to sell your car the process is easy, safe and there are no nasty admin fees or payment charges.

What am I looking for in my next car?

Your old car’s on its way out – so what’s next? The best part about selling your car is that it usually means it’s time to buy a new one! Now you’ve got your money in hand, you can start visiting dealerships and get yourself back on the road as soon as possible.