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Why go through the task of filtering the news you’re really interested in, when a blog can do it for you! If you’re interested in motoring news, then take a journey to Roadweb, for all the news, views, and advice you’ll need. Cyclists, drivers, and learner drivers are all catered for here, where you’ll find posts on anything from classic cars to driving abroad. Legal eagles

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The Evolution Of F1 Video Games – From ZX Spectrum to Oculus Rift


No doubt you’ve seen the latest F1 video games. Games that are so realistic that you can actually end up believing you are driving the real thing at a real F1 track. Well these games have evolved over decades on different computers and devices and unless you grew with them or have checked out some of the retro F1 games you won’t know about them or

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Steersafe advises Northern Powerhouse cities should take opportunity to make roads safer

Road safety campaign SteerSafe says chance should not be missed

As their Economies grow cities in the Northern Powerhouse should seize the opportunity to make their roads safer, according to road safety group SteerSafe.

Manchester and Leeds should look to London to see what has been done to protect vulnerable road users in the capital – then do better, it advises.

“There is a plethora of initiatives in the

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Research from OSV reveals interesting findings on UK parking prangs

Almost one in three motorists have had a parking prang in the last 12 months
12% of drivers won’t inform other car owners when they’ve bumped into their motor
Bollards are the most common victims of poor parking 

Although it seems that men are far less likely to confess to it than women, recent research conducted by OSV , the UK’s leading independent vehicle supply professionals, has revealed that

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Stress Awareness Month – How To Cope With Driver Stress

Drivers who suffer stress are more likely to be in a road crash, warns a UK road safety organisation as part of Stress Awareness Month.

But there are ways to cope with pressure and reduce the chances of having a collision, says the TTC Group, which educates 330,000 road users each year to reduce road casualties.

The daily commute, traffic jams, being late for an appointment along with

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Navmii app introduces a ‘Share my Trip’ feature with its 3.5 update

Navmii, the world’s leading free navigation and traffic app, introduces a ‘Share my Trip’ feature with its 3.5 update available for iOS (Android coming soon). The feature allows Navmii users to share journey progress information with friends and family via a live map link to indicate an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Users simply select who they want to share their movements with from their contacts list

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Cap hpi reports 8 of top 10 new cars cost at least £250 more in white

Whilst white used to be a free colour choice from manufacturers, figures from cap hpi reveal that eight out of the top 10 new car models ordered in 2015 added an extra premium of at least £250 to go a whiter shade of pale. However, one in five new cars sold in 2015 was white, making it the most popular colour for car buyers for the

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Brake Pledge to drivers for Road Safety Week 2016

Five people are killed every single day by something we already know how to cure. If people change their driving behaviour we can prevent the 470 deaths and serious injuries that happen on our roads every week.

This is why Road Safety Week 2016, which is coordinated by Brake, the road safety charity, supported by Specsavers will focus on the six elements of the Brake Pledge :

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AA Garage Guide promoted by Parts Alliance and GROUPAUTO

aa guide

AA Garage Guide, the online search and booking site that puts quality first, is being promoted by both The Parts Alliance and GROUPAUTO , who are encouraging members of their garage networks to sign up to the site.



Having recently reported strong growth figures for AA Garage Guide’s network, which has now surpassed the 2,000 garage mark, these latest collaborations will assist even more motorists in locating

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Cap’s Philip Nothard reveals supercar market could be a sound investment

cap reveals the best buys among the prestige machines

The latest figures from cap reveal that the supercar market could offer a sound return on investment if buyers choose the right make and model.

Overall, supercar and some sports car used values have remained level in a depreciating marketplace, but some vehicles are enjoying strong appreciation.

Philip Nothard, cap consumer and retail editor, explains, “A savvy buyer would have

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AA Garage Guide reports garage network has exceeded 2,000 garages

AA Garage Guide

AA Garage Guide, the online search and booking site that puts quality first, has reported that its garage network has exceeded 2,000 garages.

With approximately 4 million members, the AA are now promoting the AA Garage Guide to members, presenting registered workshops to an audience of customers who are due for Servicing and MOTs, and for whom the quality of service received is their primary consideration. The

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